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razz poker bluffingBluffing in Razz Poker is a common strategy that can be very effective for experienced players who know when the time is right. In this article, we’ll describe the best opportunities for Bluffing in Razz. Bluffing is an important Razz poker strategy, especially at short handed tables. You can easily attribute the majority of your winnings in Razz poker to bluffing. Bluffing is the best way to steal blinds in Razz poker and since you don't receive many playable hands you are going to want to take advantage of this as much as possible. Here are some links to the other limit Razz poker strategy articles found on this site. There is also a guide on the best Razz poker rooms in 2013 in case you are looking for somewhere new to play at.

What Makes Bluffing in Razz So Effective?

Razz Poker is a game of 5 betting rounds. Even at Fixed Limit stakes, you can easily accumulate a very large pot by the 7th Street. No one wants to lose 5 or more bets in a single hand, which makes most Razz Poker players more inclined to Fold without an excellent starting Hand.

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Door Cards Say a Lot

After the initial deal, when every player has a single card showing (the Door Card), you can easily determine the effectiveness of Bluffing in Razz. The best opportunity is when you are showing a Wheel Card – anything from Ace to 5 – and all other players are showing 10 or Face Cards. Only the least intelligent players would Call a Bet in this position. Even if your hole Cards are K-J, chances are you’ll win the Antes and Bring-In with a Bluff. This is called Straight Bluffing, and should only be used on rare occasions, and preferably from late position.

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Bluffing on Open Cards

As the hand progresses to the 5th, 6th and 7th Street, you may still find the perfect opportunity to Bluff in Razz. Simply put, if your Open Cards look way better than your opponent’s, it’s time to Bluff. For example, with A-3-4-7 showing, you appear to have a monster hand, whether that’s true or not. You may have a 2 in the Hole, or you could have K-A-4, pairing the low cards and causing a K-high hand. If you don’t have the monster, and your opponent is showing two cards higher than a 7, make the Bluff and the pot should be yours. This limit Razz strategy will win you a lot of pots if done correctly.

Does the Competition Playing Style Matter?

Absolutely! Players start with 3 cards, knowing they have 4 more coming. If those first three cards look appealing, loose players will bet on just about anything to see the next card. Bluffing in Razz becomes much more difficult when up against loose, careless competition. You would think that it becomes more profitable to play it to the end, but unfortunately, luck does play a factor in Razz Poker; and with enough loose players at the table, someone is likely to get lucky.

Bluffing in Razz against Loose Players – The Semi-Bluff

If you recognize the competition to be playing fairly loose, try not to Bluff in Razz. Instead, only use Semi-Bluffs. Semi-Bluffs are when you have a decent hand that could easily become something great. For instance, with a Razz poker starting hand of all cards 9 and below, you have a rather good chance of finishing with a hand of 9 and below. Toss the Bluff out there, and if it works, excellent! If not, you still have a pretty good chance of taking the pot before it’s over.

Always be careful when Bluffing in Razz tournaments, as after awhile, your opponents may figure you out. This is why Bluffs should only be used on rare occasion. More Poker Strategy:

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