Beginners fixed limit Razz Poker Strategy - Razz Poker Strategy For micro & small stakes

limit razz strategyThere are plenty of ways to include a Razz poker strategy in your game, but for beginners, it can be overwhelming to incorporate so many strategic maneuvers into your game all at once. Many players have trouble with razz at first, please refer to our Razz poker rules article if you are having trouble understanding the tips below. We have supplied three levels of limit Razz poker strategies as shown below. All of our Razz strategy articles are based on fixed limit play. Pot limit Razz poker has grown fairly popular at BetOnline Poker so we will be adding a PL Razz strategy section soon. These Razz poker tips will help you win more money at the ring tables right away.

We strongly recommend that newcomers to the game start with this article on beginners Razz poker strategy. Once the Beginners Razz Poker Strategy becomes easy enough to assimilate, then move on to the next level.

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – Start Small

As a newcomer to Razz, you should never start with high, or even medium, stakes. Start at the lowest limits – micro-limits if available – and practice your Beginners Razz Poker Strategy. Novice players often make mistakes, usually in the Starting Hand department, as they have not yet developed the patience and discipline to wait for a premium Razz starting hand. As you gain experience and learn to avoid these mistakes, make sure you’re risking the smallest amount of money in the process.

micro limit razz strategy

Beginners fixed limit Razz Poker Strategy – The Basics

Razz Poker is played exactly the same as 7 Card Stud, but with one distinct difference. Players are competing for the absolute worst, weakest hand, rather than the strongest. Aces are low, and Straights/Flushes don’t count. So the best possible hand is A-2-3-4-5, (a.k.a. “The Wheel”).

micro limit razz strategy

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – Starting Hands

As a new Razz Poker player, your goal should be to hit the Wheel. This means only betting with a premium Starting Hand that contains Wheel Cards (A, 2, 3, 4, 5), or no higher than a 7 with two very low kickers.

If you’re Starting Hand contains all Wheel Cards, you’ve got the start of a potential monster hand. Take it for all it’s worth, Raising and/or Re-Raising out of the gate.

If your Starting Hand contains two very low cards (Ace through 4) with 7 high, your action depends on your Door Card.

  • If the Door is 7, Call.
  • If the Door is 3 or 4, Bet.
  • If the Door is Ace or 2, Raise.

If you’re Starting Hand is a Smooth 8 or Smooth 9, Check, Call a Bet (but not a Raise) or Fold. A smooth 8 or 9 is when the 8 or 9 is your high card, but all others are Ace through 4.

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – Watch the Board

As a beginner, Razz Poker strategy does not call for reading opponents and poker tells, but does require you to keep a watchful eye on the board. A lot of information can come from simply noting the potential strength of other hands, as well as what cards are no longer in the deck. Comparing your Door Card to the Door Cards of your opponents can affect your action on 3rd Street. If you have a decent Starting Hand with a Wheel card showing, and your opponents all show Face Cards, you can Raise and usually win the pot immediately. The only time your opponents will not Fold is at micro-limit stakes (or if they are brainless half-wits).

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – 4th Street

At this point, you should have at least three cards comprising a Smooth 8 or better; otherwise Fold.

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – 5th Street

If you have not reached at least a 4-card Smooth 9, go ahead and Fold. In Fixed Limit Razz, all Bets/Raises double in the 5th Street betting round, and for the rest of the hand. If you’re not working towards a winner at this point, save your chips for the next good Starting Hand.

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – 6th Street

Hopefully, you’ve got a 5-card Smooth 9 or better by now. If not, bear in mind you’ll only be getting one more card. Note all the Open Cards on the board and determine your chances of getting a low enough card (that won’t pair) to better your hand. If the board is showing a lot of high cards, that’s good. If the board is showing a lot of cards that pair your own, that’s good. If the board is showing a lot of low cards that you don’t already have, that’s bad.

Beginners Razz Poker Strategy – 7th Street

You now have all of your cards. Check your opponents’ Open Cards for the three highest showing. If you can beat the third highest card in each of your opponents’ Open Hands, you’re in excellent shape. Again, observing the board will help you determine the likelihood of your opponent’s Hole Cards being higher or lower than their Open Cards.

By combining Starting Hand selection with scrupulous board observation, you can turn this beginners Razz poker strategy into a highly profitable new poker game. Here are some links to other poker strategy guides:

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